Dealerships enjoy a tailored service to assist them in reducing losses resulting from damaged courtesy/loaners vehicles.

These services include both diminished value and loss of use claim services. In the event of a total loss we also pursue the fair market settlement of the vehicle.

With respect to diminished value, we prepare a certified valuation report that measures the change in resale value from the time just prior to the accident to that after repairs are completed on the vehicle. This report is vehicle specific as no two accidents including repairs are identical.

Regarding loss of use with respect to loaner/courtesy vehicles, we pursue any additional costs incurred while the vehicle is in repair. The measurement of additional costs can vary by state.

As with all other claim services, we determine the loss incurred and pursue the at fault insurance carrier on behalf of the dealership client.

1805 ZB Negotiations Insurance Settlements
$$4,554,015 Dollars Recovered
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